ensure that A ^ Ej' in a broad energy range from Ejmax to ~ 3 GeV.

1.2.10. The mode of the dependence of Aon particle rigidity R from solar modulation data of protons, electrons, and nuclei with various Z

A vast amount of experimental material has been accumulated at present for the spectrum modulation and the radial gradient of protons, electrons, and various nuclei during a period of about one solar activity cycle (and during almost four 11 -year cycles for moderate energies from ground based observations). Analysis of these data on the basis of the modern theory of modulation including the diffusion, convection, and adiabatic cooling makes it possible to obtain fairly complete information on the mode of the dependence of A on R in the interplanetary space for a broad energy range. The results of the theoretical calculations (both analytical and numerical, see in Dorman, M1975a,b) for the spectrum modulation may be presented, as a first approximation, in the form


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