Fig. 2.46.12. Natural logarithm of monthly (as LN(1MCOR)) and 11-month moving averages (as LN(11MCOR)) of corrected GOES data of alpha-particle fluxes in the energy interval 330-500 MeV, during January 1986-May 2000. From Dorman et al. (2005c).

Then, we calculate the expected drift modulation for different Adr from 0 (no drift modulation) up to 0.4 (i.e., 40%) on the basis of monthly data on tilt-angles T and sunspot numbers W, according to the procedure described by Dorman (2003a), and already used in Sections 2.46.4-2.46.6 for satellite proton data. In Fig. 2.46.13 the expected drift modulation for Adr = 0.2 is shown as an example.

Fig. 2.46.13. Expected drift modulation for Adr = 0.2. From Dorman et al. (2005c).

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