The spectral power of radiation per a single electron with energy E

has a maximum value at (-Eph2/4Tph )(mec2 /E )= 1 (see Fig. 1.11.1).

If the differential energy spectrum of electrons is of the power form n(E ) = no (y- 1)eY ~lE

(where Eo is the boundary of the spectrum on the low energy side, no is the total concentration of electrons with energy E > Eo ), the total spectral power of radiation is w((ph2 ) = 1 no (y- )_1e~yw((ph2, e)e = cno (y - ^pho^"^2i(z0 ) (1.11.13)

2a ph where

I (zo ) = i k ~2 oexp(- kz / Y-1)2G(kz )dz; zo = ^3h2 k=1 0

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