Taking into account that both the free path and the probability to stay in trap during the time interval rfor particle with charge Z and mass number A depend on particle magnetic rigidity R, we accept k((, a, /3) = (v/ c K M)RS

2.32.2. Formation of CR spectrum in the frame of anomaly diffusion in the fractal-like medium

It has been shown (Lagutin et al., 2001b,d; Lagutin and Uchaikin, 2003; Erlykin et al., 2003) that in the framework of anomaly diffusion model it is possible to explain the locally observed basic features of the CR in the wide energy range. This model was proposed with the aim to understand the nature of the knee in primary CR spectrum and explain why the spectral exponent of protons and other

nuclei at E ~ 10 -10 GeV/nucleon has different values.

The physical arguments and the calculations indicate that the bulk of observed

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