Returning to the initial coordinate system we find the increment of a particle energy AEk12:

AEki2 -

macvui ai

ui a1v 1

ui ai v

Here 1 > ¡> ¡o at «1 >(1/vXH1/H2)2 where ¡¡o is given by Eq. 4.15.49. The maximum energy increment of the passage's particle (as of those reflected) is reached at a1 = (u1/v)2 and ¡¡ = ¡o = -(H1lH2 )2 :

The increment is twice lower than for the reflected particles, since in the latter case particle interacts twice longer with a front (passing through it 'forward' and

'return'). At «1 <(1/vH2 )2 (as has been noted) all particles pass through the front; but their maximum energy increment is decreased compared to that determined by Eq. 4.15.56; at (a\v/u\f(H2l H\ )<< 1 the energy increment reaches the value:

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