Main results on the mechanism of CR particle additional acceleration and applications

The main results of the regular mechanism of CR particle additional acceleration considered above may be summarized as follows:

1. The considered mechanism of particle regular acceleration by scattering on different types of scatters moving with different regular velocities can give additional acceleration to well known mechanisms. The characteristic time Tac of particle acceleration is determined by Eq. 4.20.21. The total increasing of particle energy is determined by Eq. 4.20.23.

2. It is shown that the additional acceleration considered can be important in the disk of our Galaxy with an increase of CR particle energy up to about 103 times for the life time of particles in the disk. On the other hand, in the halo T/Tac << 1 is expected and this mechanism of additional acceleration is not effective.

3. The mechanism considered of particle additional acceleration is expected to be effective in regions of galaxies collision with CR particle energy increasing by 102-103 times.

4. In the Heliosphere additional acceleration can be effective (with increase of the energy by about few times) only in periods of high solar activity and only for small energy particles of about few hundreds MeV/nucleon.

5. For stellar winds the effectiveness of additional particle acceleration depends upon ratio T/Tac determined by Eq. 4.20.27.

6. The mechanism of additional particle acceleration will be especially effective for double star systems in regions of stellar winds collision with particle energy increasing in 102-104 times.

7. In a more detailed investigation it is necessary to take into account the change of particle transport paths X1 and X2 with the increase of particle energy which leads to a change of the parameter T/Tac during the processes of acceleration.

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