On the effectiveness of additional particle acceleration in the double star systems

We expect that this mechanism of additional particle acceleration will be especially effective for double star systems in regions of the collision of stellar winds where the situation will be about the same as in regions of galaxies collision (see above, section 4.20.7). Let us suppose that both colliding stellar winds have the same characteristics as solar wind. In this case 4-1 ~ 4 and ((0 - u1o )2 will be increased in 4 times, so T/Tac will increase in 4-8 times, which gives a particle energy increase according to Eq. 4.20.23 of 102-104 times. In a more detailed investigation it will be necessary to take into account that with increasing of particle energy there will also be an increase in X and X so according to Eq. 4.20.27 the parameter TlTac will decrease and the increase of the total particle energy will be smaller.

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