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determines a transformation of the anisotropic diffusion tensor Kik . 4. In the coordinate system in which the direction of the force line of the interplanetary magnetic field is chosen as the x - axis in any point r, the anisotropic diffusion tensor will have a form determined by Eq. 2.12.5. Note that the term A2H2 « r 2 decreases rapidly with the distance from the Sun at A = const (i.e. at A, independent of r), since H ~ HE(rE/r), for r > rE (here rE = 1

AU is the radius of the Earth's orbit). Therefore it may be assumed that, from a certain r onwards, 300AH << R, and, according to Eq. 2.12.5, a1 ^ 1, a2 ^ 0, i.e. the diffusion gets strong anisotropic. If, however, A increases directly proportional to r, then AH ~ const and the anisotropy will also be significant at large r.

5. One can show that the determinant of a transformation aik from the system related to magnetic lines of force to the system of r,6>,p has the form (the upper sign corresponds to force lines coming out of the Sun, the lower sign corresponds to those coming into the Sun):

In the system of coordinates (r,6,p(, the anisotropic diffusion tensor will be determined by

where Kmn is determined by Eq. 2.12.5. From Eq. 2.12.18 taking into account Eq. 2.12.17 there follows

+ (1 - «1 )sin Y cos Y + «2 cos Y sin2 Y + eqcos2 Y

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