The case of particle injection with monoenergetic spectrum

Let us suppose that the spectrum of injected particles is mono-energetic:

eo (pp ) = jUkNf 8{p - Po); Up ) = -% 8(p - p0). (4.21.19)

4np0 4n0

In this case by substituting Eq. 4.9.19 in Eq. 4.21.17 we shall have fi(p)= No + NS(p - Po), (4.21.20)

where the index of the power spectrum of accelerated particles

is determined only by the value of the compressibility < = u1/u2 and does not depend upon the diffusion coefficient and other parameters of the concrete problem. This important result on the universality of the accelerated particle's spectrum was obtained for the first time about 30 years ago by Krymsky (1977) and Axford et al. (1977).

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