where Wxx (0) is the spectrum of the field fluctuation power at zero frequency, Ho is the intensity of the regular magnetic field component. If A << lc , then kJKh _ISHI)/ Hi. (2.15.13)

It was shown that including the effects of moderate-scale turbulence on the particle transfer results in a decrease of the parallel diffusion coefficient; the decrease is determined by the additional factor

2.16. On a balance of CR energy in multiple scattering in expanding magnetic fields

The problem of the balance of CR energy in expanding magnetic fields is of greatest importance, because without its solution it is impossible to study the features of the propagation of CR of internal and external origin in expanding shells of a supernova in galaxies in the presence of galactic wind, in the expanding Metagalaxy, in stellar winds, in particular, a propagation of CR of solar and galactic origin in the solar wind. The most carefully studied problem is the problem of propagation of CR in interplanetary space when there is energy exchange between charged particles and stochastic inhomogeneities of interplanetary field which are frozen in solar wind plasma. The prevailing concept when considering energy dissipation in the system of CR-solar wind, is the assumption of adiabatic deceleration of charged particles of cosmic radiation. This concept is related to the prevailing probability of overtaking collisions with radially moving inhomogeneities of magnetic field. Dorman, Katz, Fedorov and Shakhov (1978c, 1979) showed that these concepts are restricted owing to ignoring the concrete character of particle spatial distribution and, as a result, owing to ignoring the necessity of revising the notion of the character of CR propagation in interplanetary space. Furthermore, pronouncedly inhomogeneous character of expansion of the solar wind plasma results in the presence of a specific mechanism of CR acceleration caused by the spatial inhomogeneity of the distribution function of particles.

We start from the equation of CR transfer (Dolginov and Toptygin, 1966a):

MvpO-A^r, p, ^MvpO + u MlPi) - P^nM divu _ 0, (2.16.1)

dt dra dr^ dr 3 dp where n(r, p, t) is the density of particles with given value of momentum p, KaA.(f,P,t) is the tensor of particle diffusion in space, u(r) is the solar wind velocity.

The energy density W (r, t) of CR is determined by the equation

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