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The Search For Past Life

The committee approaches a consideration of martian sites from a process-oriented perspective and discusses first the processes most likely to generate and preserve biosignatures. As pointed out in Chapter 3, biosignatures can be molecular, isotopic, morphological, mineralogical, or elemental in nature. This section finishes with a discussion of the characteristics of specific sites where biosignatures of past life might be found. Sites and Samples for Biosignatures of Past Life Life harvests the available chemical energy in a rock-water-gas system or the light energy from the Sun at the same time that it extracts nutrients from the environment. A strategy for detection of extant or past life on Mars might therefore target sites where chemical energy is or was available, or sites showing evidence that nutrient extraction has occurred. Chemical systems of interest with respect to energy and nutrient needs for life include the following Iron redox. The abundance of iron minerals on...

Biosignatures and Abiotic Chemistry

Life as we know it (i.e., terran life, as discussed in Chapter 1) is based on organic chemistry and is constructed of carbonaceous compounds. These organic materials are pervasive in Earth's crust and constitute an extensive chemical and isotopic record of past life that far exceeds what is recorded by visible fossils.1 The ubiquity of coal, organic-rich black shales, and petroleum hydrocarbons, for example, is one manifestation of life's activities that extends deep into the geological record and can be used to observe past biological activity and events.2 In fact, biogenic organic matter is so ubiquitous and overwhelming in its abundance that it is exceedingly difficult to identify organic compounds and organic matter of unambiguously nonbiological origin. The notable exceptions are organic compounds in meteorites and synthetics.3

Increasing Complexity Capability And Creativity

NASA's strategy for exploring Mars is exciting. As planned, the Mars Exploration Program will search for and visit those regions that suggest the best case for harboring present or past life.5 Advanced technologies could enable touring and traversing the planet over diverse environments, including dry regions, icy areas, or even sites with permanent liquid water, should they exist. Mechanisms for accessing the subsurface and collecting samples could involve contact with martian regolith at depths that may have been protected from the harshness of the Mars surface and environment. The potential success of these missions in identifying habitats, locating past life, or even finding extant life could call for repeat visits by later probes to verify findings and conduct further scientific investigations. In light of the current plan for Mars exploration, as detailed in the Mars Exploration Strategy (MSPSG, 2004), the need for planetary protection practices to prevent the forward...

The Search For Signs Of Prebiotic Chemistry

The next section describes those sites that may be the best targets to search for biosignatures of past life, including organic carbon. The proposed target mineralogies and lithologies, which include putative hydrothermal systems, evaporites, sediments, iron oxides, and clay minerals, are the best targets to find possible evidence of

Taking the Earths Pulse

In looking for aberrations, sometimes it's wise to start with the familiar. To determine whether or not the gravitational constant is changing, we need look no farther than Earth itself. Aspects of Earth's dynamics, such as its rate of spin, are sensitive measures of gravity's strength. Hence, geophysics provides us with another credible means of testing Dirac's hypothesis and comparing its various incarnations.

Homochirality Analyses in the Solar System and Beyond

Exobiologists have taken an interest in homochirality as a signature of life and attention has been given to the analysis of chirality (or, more precisely, enan-tiomeric excesses) beyond the terrestrial environment by the SETH (search for extraterrestrial homochirality) project. SETH could be accomplished remotely on various Solar System bodies by landers equipped with detectors of enan-tiomeric excesses such as miniaturized polarimeters (Mac Dermott, 1996) or chromatographs with chiral support materials (Meierhenrich et al., 1999). The Rosetta mission to the Churyumov-Gerasimenko comet which was launched in February 2004 and that will reach the comet in November 2014 involves a SETH. SETH also encompasses the broader goal of finding the remains of life and could, for example, contribute to the validation of chemical fossils on other bodies of the Solar System such as Mars. However, diagenesis is accompanied by partial and ultimately complete racemization of chiral molecules and this...

Mars Science Laboratory

The formal name of this spacecraft became the Mars Science Laboratory. Everything about the MSL would be big the rover, its scientific return and its projected budget of more than 850 million dollars. This was never intended to be a Discovery mission, but instead, the program was conceived to see what could be accomplished in Mars surface exploration when budget and schedule were not so constrained. With up to ten times the scientific instrument payload of the MER rovers, a mission length of at least one Martian year (equivalent to two Earth years) and the capability of operating for years without the need for solar power, the potential landing sites for the MSL will encompass much of the planet's surface. Its primary mission is to study the past and present habitability of the planet Mars. In other words, it will search for evidence of past life and possible evidence of present microbial life, and determine whether future crewed missions to Mars can remain on the planet for extended...

Polar Lakes Streams and Springs as Analogs for the Hydrological Cycle on Mars

The extensive fluvial features seen on the surface of Mars attest to the stable flow of water on that planet at some time in the past. However the low erosion rates, the sporadic distribution of the fluvial features, and computer simulations of the climate of early Mars all suggest that Mars was quite cold even when it was wet. Thus, the polar regions of the Earth provide potentially important analogs to conditions on Mars during its wet, but cold, early phase. Here we review studies of polar lakes, streams, and springs and compare the physical and geological aspects of these features with their possible Martian counterparts. Fundamentally, liquid water produced by summer melts can persist even when the mean annual temperature is below freezing because ice floats over liquid and provides an insulating barrier. Life flourishes in these liquid water habitats in Earth's polar regions and similarly life may have been present in ice-covered lakes and permafrost springs on Mars. Evidence...

Characteristics For Those Born In November

The planet Pluto and the intense sign of Scorpio govern the month of November. You inherited a powerful will and you are attracted to the unknown the medical professions, the police force, metaphysics, politics and general investigations. You are classified as the Eagle (positive) or the Lizard (negative) in Divine Astrology. You are quite private, secretive, even mystic and like all other water signs, you excel in the study of metaphysics. Unless you are aware of your innate powers you are well advised not to sting yourself with your own dart. You carry in your soul the element of life and death, reincarnation and pure sensuality. On a negative note, your magnetic thoughts can reach anyone anywhere for good or for worse, bringing its accompanying karma

Search for Life Conclusions

On Earth, microbial life quickly became a global phenomenon. If the same explosive process occurred on the young Mars, the chances of finding evidence of past life may be good. Even more interesting would be the discovery and study of life forms that have successfully adapted to modern Mars, such as the cryptoendo-lithic communities discussed in Section However, this presupposes the prior identification of geologically suitable, life-friendly locations where it can be demonstrated that liquid water still exists, at least episodically throughout the year. For these reasons, the Red Book science team advised ESA to focus mainly on the detection of extinct life, but also to build enough flexibility into the mission design to be able to target sites with potential for present life.

The Unforgiving Search for Extraterrestrial Life

Meanwhile, the United States became suddenly more involved in rocketry and space exploration after the Russians put Sputnik, the first artificial Earth satellite, into orbit. This accomplishment by another nation intensified the ambition of U.S. space scientists to succeed in being the first to put a human into space. The Apollo program became the United States's political response to Sputnik, and the search for talent was on. In 1959, Sagan's first introduction to NASA arrived in the form of a letter from his friend Lederberg, who at the time was the newly appointed head of the National Academy of Sciences Space Science Board. Lederberg was seeking members to head the exobiology team for space probes. Carl Sagan was his first choice. Shortly before earning his doctorate, Sagan began work on this part-time NASA project to implement exobiology into the space program, backing Lederberg on his stand for the need to explore the Moon for evidence of past life. In June 1960, Sagan earned...

Detecting a second genesis on Mars

Of course growth experiments of any kind do not detect dead organisms. Yet the remains of dead organisms are potentially important evidence of life on another planet. And so are fossils. However, there is an important distinction between dead organisms and fossils. A fossil is evidence of past life but it does not reveal anything about the biochemical or genetic nature of that life. If we are searching for a second As discussed above, a promising target for the search for biological remains of past life is the subsurface. The deep permafrost on Mars may hold remnants of past life (Smith and McKay, 2005). The organisms in the ground ice are likely to be dead from the accumulated radiation dose but their organic remains could be analysed and compared to the biochemistry of Earth life.

Questions for Students

When searching for traces of past life on Mars, describe why it is important to have access to protected environments - protected from what Which sort of soils should a sampling device be able to obtain sample material from (hard, soft, porous, dust) and why Question 12.2

The Search For Life On Mars

Addressing astrobiology science goals requires a broad approach to understanding Mars. It involves not just searching for present and past life, but also understanding the geological and environmental context that determines planetary habitability. It will entail determination of the geological and geochemical evolution of the planet, its internal structure, and the nature of its interaction with the space environment. Such an approach will provide the information necessary to be able to apply the results to assessing the potential for life throughout the galaxy. In addition, because of the interconnected nature of the martian geological, geochemical, geophysical, and clima-tological systems, a broad approach will likely enable astrobiologists to determine which characteristics result from nonbiological processes and which result from biological processes and so could be used as biosignatures. While most aspects of Mars exploration have connections to astrobiology, the emphasis should...

Characteristics Of Potential Target Sites

Such sites are pertinent both for searching for evidence of present or past life and for understanding the nature of martian habitability. For present-day or geologically recent water, these sites include the surface, interior, and margins of the polar caps cold, warm, or hot springs or underground hydrothermal systems and the source region or outflow region associated with near-surface aquifers that might be responsible for the gullies that have been observed. For geologically ancient water, pertinent sites include the source or outflow regions for the catastrophic flood channels, the ancient highlands that formed at a time when surface water might have been widespread (e.g., in the Noachian), and deposits of minerals that are associated with surface or subsurface water or with ancient hydrothermal systems or cold, warm, or hot springs.

Implications for Mars

Hundred times less than on early Earth, recent calculations 95 lead to the conclusion that there was sufficient geochemical energy available that life may have arisen independently on Mars . Consequently, to explore signatures of past life on (in) Mars locations where fossil hydrothermal systems or hot springs presumably have existed should be selected.

Moon Power The Universal

Our closest satellite has often been linked with spirits of the deceased. The Greek mythology teaches that the moon was the focus point between Earth and Heaven. The ancients believed that spirits going to and from Heaven would stop upon the moon. Before entering the afterlife, the spirits would have their souls purified. On the way back to Mother Earth, through reincarnation, the spirits would go right to the face of the moon to receive their new physical bodies. The Hindu texts Upanishads also states the advanced souls went to the moon after passing away to await reincarnation. Also stated is that the progressive souls who are untied from chain of reincarnation, will go straight to the sun. Many cultures associated the gods and goddesses with the moon and are represented with horns (Moses was a Lunar cult Leader fighting a Sun Stellar group, religious wars started in antiquity.) The Greek philosopher Plutarch alleged that we have two ends. The first would take place on this world...

The Windows of Change

During the 1990s, Microsoft Windows became the world's most popular operating system (in terms of the sheer number of its users). Windows went through a variety of incarnations, including Windows 3.1 and Windows NT (both introduced in 1992), Windows 95 (1995), Windows 98 (1998), Windows 2000 (2000), Windows ME (Millennium Edition, 2000), Windows XP (2001), and Windows Vista (2007). These operating systems were not without their faults, and critics of Microsoft were (and still are) vociferous. System crashes with the earlier operating systems were common, and they were all prone to malicious attacks by such diabolical electronic entities as worms, Trojans, and viruses. Mac users, meanwhile, experienced few of these problems.

What are Level IV parallel universes like

We can test and potentially rule out any theory by computing probability distributions for our future perceptions - given our past perceptions - and comparing the predictions with the observed outcome. In a multiverse theory, there is typically more than one SAS that has experienced a past life identical to yours, so there is no way to determine which one is you. To make predictions, you therefore have to compute what fractions of them will perceive what in the future. This leads to the following possibilities.

Memo of the 2004 Dragons Head and Tail Predictions Date of prediction 6703

Scorpio rules life and death, drama, reincarnation, sex corporate endeavors, the police force, the FBI, CIA, Mafia, insurance companies etc. Expect a complete restructure of all the above organizations where secrets will be exposed. Under Pluto's jurisdiction all that is hidden must come to the light. Very often as seen with the church sex scandals, all that is detrimental to the church Inc has been kept secret, but some of it came out into the open in 2002, 2003 and in 2004.

Characteristics For Those Born In December

You must adapt to the saying, to be a millionaire, you must act and think like one. Your sign rules the wilderness, the desert, and the Indians. This also represents some of your past lives with the Incas, the Sumerians and Atlantis, where you had a position of spiritual power. A word of caution Souls born with an overbearing Jupiter energy must guard against the codification of thoughts (books) and biblical materials your lesson is to realize that God cannot be confined to any man-made buildings, deities or archaic doctrines. The advanced ones (truth seekers) will lead the rest of us towards the reality of God's manifestation through the stars. Remember to respect the Universal Law (see Moon Power), as your awareness of Moon planning will become a major contribution to your happiness and success. The location of your natal Dragon's Head or Tail will seriously alter the strength or weakness of Jupiter in your chart. You can learn much more about yourself or anyone else by ordering my...

Croesus And Cassandra

Apollo, an Olympian, was god of the Sun. He was also in charge of other matters, one of which was prophecy. That was one of his specialties. Now the Olympian gods could all see into the future a little, but Apollo was the only one who systematically offered this gift to humans. He established oracles, the most famous of which was at Delphi, where he sanctified the priestess. She was called the Pythia, after the python that was one of her incarnations. Kings and aristocrats and occasionally ordinary people would come to Delphi and beg to know what was to be.

Second Coition

Galaxies are the places where gas turns into luminous stars, powered by nuclear reactions that also produce most of the chemical elements. But the gas and stars are only the tip of an iceberg a galaxy consists mostly of dark matter, which we know only by the pull of its gravity. The ages, chemical composition and motions of the stars we see today, and the shapes that they make up, tell us about each galaxy's past life. This book presents the astrophysics of galaxies since their beginnings in the early Universe. This Second Edition is extensively illustrated with the most recent observational data. It includes new sections on galaxy clusters, gamma ray bursts and supermassive black holes. Chapters on the large-scale structure and early galaxies have been thoroughly revised to take into account recent discoveries such as dark energy.

Data Sources

Note that World Wide Web Uniform Resource Locators, or URLs, are subject to change. The dimensions, magnitudes, and positions of non-Caldwell objects generally were taken from The Deep Sky Field Guide to Uranometria 2000.0. Incidentally, the two-volume Uranometria 2000.0 atlas was radically revised as this book went to press, as was its Deep Sky Field Guide companion descriptions of Uranometria 2000.0 charts refer to previous incarnations.

Executive Summary

1In its 2003 strategic plan, NASA cites as one of its goals to explore the universe and search for life (NASA, 2003). The Mars science community's Mars Exploration Program Analysis Group (MEPAG), in its 2004 report on scientific goals, objectives, investigations, and priorities for Mars exploration (MEPAG, 2004), and NASA's Mars Science Program Synthesis Group (MSPSG), in its published Mars Exploration Strategy (MSPSG, 2004), both identify the search for present and past life on Mars as one of four overarching goals of Mars exploration.

Geological Evolution

The age of the Earth is approximately 4.6 thousand million years. Paleontology - the study of past life forms through fossil remains - has enabled us to draw up a fairly reliable picture of the Earth's evolution details are given in Table 6.3. There have been periodical ice ages, the last of which ended only 10 000 years ago, and no doubt the Earth has been struck by massive bodies from space it is often maintained that a violent impact about 65 000 000 years ago caused a dramatic change in climate, leading to the extinction of the dinosaurs. This is known as the K-T extinction, separating the Cretaceous Period (K) from the the Triassic Period (T). Evidence is said to come from the amount of iridium in rocks laid down at that period - although it must be added that an earlier and even more widespread extinction of species occurred at the end of the Permian Period, and rocks of that age are not enriched in iridium.

The Role of Time

Again later, declared that what really exists cannot change, because being is permanent, and therefore time and change are mere delusions. In the famous Bhagavad Gita, the sacred poem of India which speaks of reincarnation and of duty to God in a fascinating though often perplexing way, some commentators have found the idea that even life and death are delusions. This is one way of declaring that there is something absolute in control of everything. What has science to say about that Indeed, has science anything to say about that It has, because it is (or is intended to be) a set of methods and data concerning change. Therefore, if science has discovered anything unchangeable which underlies all change, we should consider it very seriously.

The Jon Tajl

THE ion drive is perhaps the most colorful of the new in-space propulsion techniques, due to photons emitted from recombined ions and electrons in the exhaust of the accelerating craft, operating ion engines emit a science-fiction-like blue glow (see Figure 11.1). It is among the most capable and versatile space propulsion systems ever devised, and, at least in its early incarnations, makes use of plentiful sunlight as its power source.

Past Life Regression And Reincarnation

Past Life Regression And Reincarnation

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