After the near-disaster, but spectacular rescue, of the Apollo 13 mission, almost 15 months elapsed between Apollo 12 and Apollo 14. However, on February 5, 1971, the fifth and sixth NASA astronauts, Alan Shepard and Ed Mitchell landed the Lunar Module Antares in the rugged Fra Mauro region of the Moon, only 160 kilometers east of the Apollo 12 landing site. The position is 3.66° S, 17.48° W. Once again, the large crater Copernicus is the best stepping stone to finding this region through a tel escope and the low Sun angle about five days prior to full Moon will throw the craggy terrain into sharp relief. Four hundred kilometers to the SSE of Copernicus you will find the remains of a circular walled plain almost 100 kilometers in diameter. This is Fra Mauro. It is crossed by distinctive rifts on the crater floor. Roughly 20 kilometers north of the rim of this plain is the Apollo 14 landing site. See Figure 10.6.

Figure 10.6. The Apollo 14 landing site imaged by Mike Brown with a 37-cm Newtonian and HX516 CCD. Image 350 x 220 kilometers. The walled plain Fra Mauro sits just north of the adjoining craters Bonpland and Parry.

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