Preface vii

Acknowledgments ix

Chapter One The Solar System: A Brief Introduction 1

Chapter Two Webcams, Plus a "Quick Start" Guide 11

Chapter Three High-Resolution Essentials 15

Chapter Four Planetary Imagers Worldwide 51

Chapter Five Have Webcam, Will Travel 59

Chapter Six Planetary Webcams and Their Alternatives 69

Chapter Seven A Beginner's Guide to Using a Webcam 79

Chapter Eight Detailed Image Processing, Colors and LRGB 93

Chapter Nine Advanced Stacking of Rippling AVI Frames 109

Chapter Ten Imaging the Moon 119

Chapter Eleven Imaging Mercury and Venus 155

Chapter Twelve Imaging Mars 165

Chapter Thirteen Imaging Jupiter 175

Chapter Fourteen Imaging Saturn 193

Chapter Fifteen Imaging Uranus and Neptune 207

Chapter Sixteen Imaging the Sun 211

Appendix: Web Pages for Software, Hardware, and Observers . . . 223

Index 227


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