Fracastorius [212 S 330 E

Not far from Theophilus and Cyrillus, on the southern tip of the Mare Nectaris, lies the distinctive walled plain Fracastorius (Figure 10.26). The northern crater wall is missing so that the southern edge of the Mare Nectaris seems to flood into the walled bay. Fracastorius has a diameter of 124 kilometers. Although there are

Figure 10.26. Fracastorius imaged in the early hours of September 10, 1998. 37-cm Newtonian + Barlow. 0.05sec exposure. Starlight Xpress MX5c CCD. Image: Mike Brown.

no major central mountain peaks on the crater floor, there are a myriad of tiny craters within the bay of Fracastorius as well as an ultrathin rille, which is a test of seeing and telescope even in the webcam era. Less than 100 kilometers to the northwest, the nearby crater Beaumont, just under half the size of Fracastorius, looks like a scale model of the larger crater.

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