Mercury Map By Mario Frassati

As was the case with my previous two Springer books, I am indebted to the outstanding amateur astronomers who have donated images to this new work. I feel humbled that such great names as Isao Miyazaki, Damian Peach, and Eric Ng (to name just three) have been so willing to share their images with others via my Webcam User's Guide. I am especially grateful to Damian as he has donated more images than anyone else to this work and it is only by his example, from the cloudy UK, that I was coaxed back to lunar and planetary imaging in the first place. While writing this work I was encouraged, on a daily basis, by e-mails from Damian, Dave Tyler, Mike Brown and Jamie Cooper as we all shared our nightly experiences regarding our webcams, telescopes, and the vagaries of the atmosphere and "seeing." So my special thanks go to those four as well as to David Graham, Mario Frassati, and Paolo Tanga, whose excellent Mercury and Mars maps are reproduced in these pages. The Frassati/Tanga Mars map is the most useful map for the webcam/visual user that I know of; it is superb, with every feature named but without being cluttered. But perhaps all our thanks should go to software genius Cor Berrevoets. Without Cor's Registax freeware, using webcams for planetary imaging would probably never have caught on at all.

In alphabetical order, the help of the following lunar, planetary, and image processing experts is gratefully acknowledged: Cor Berrevoets, Mike Brown, Celestron International, Antonio Cidadao, Jamie Cooper, Mario Frassati, Maurice Gavin, Ed Grafton, David Graham, Paolo Lazzarotti, Isao Miyazaki, NASA/JPL, Eric Ng, Gerald North, Donald Parker, Damian Peach, Christophe Pellier, Barry Pemberton (Orion Optics), Maurizio Di Sciullo, Paolo Tanga, Dave Tyler, Unisys Corp., and Jody Wilson (Boston University).

I am also indebted to my father, Denys Mobberley, for his tireless help in all my observing projects; to John Watson, for carefully reading through the original manuscript; and to the production staff at Springer for all their help, especially Jenny Wolkowicki and Chris Coughlin.

Martin Mobberley Suffolk, United Kingdom December 2005

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