Webcam Video Software and Hardware

Registax Software by Cor Berrevoets: K3CCD Tools by Peter Katreniak: or http://www.

SAC cameras: Celestron/Celestron NexImage: IRIS Software: AVA, or Adirondack Video Astronomy (USA): AVA's U.K. dealers True Technology Ltd: ATiK webcams: ATiK UK Dealer: Astromeccanica (Italy): Lumenera (USB 2.0 hi-spec cameras):

Dr. Steve Wainwright's Quick Cam and Unconventional Imaging Astronomy Group (QCUIAG) is a mine of information on converting webcams and security cameras for astronomical use:

Software for converting a webcam to 'RAW' mode: http ://www. astrosurf. com/ astrobond/ebrawe.htm

Telescopes Mastery

Telescopes Mastery

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