Celestron C6SGT

Like the idea of a 6-inch OTA but do not like fork mounts? Consider the C6 SGT, then. This is the same f/10 6-inch tube used on the SE version but mounted on Celestron's go-to CG5 mount. Accessories are almost the same as those provided

Plate 26. (Omni XLT 5-inch) The bargain priced but very capable Omni XLT version of the venerable Celestron C5. Credit: Image courtesy of Celestron.

with the C8-SGT: 25-mm eyepiece, 1.25-inch diagonal, 30-mm optical finder, and TheSky CD.

This CAT is considerably cheaper than the C8-SGT ($1,000 for the 6-inch compared to $1,600 for the XLT 8-inch), but if you are going to pay the extra money for a CG5 mount instead of the SE fork and go to the trouble of hauling the GEM around, you might want a bit more of a "reward" in the form of an 8-inch tube. If you want a C6, it would be best to stick with the fork-mount SE version.

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