Cleaning Mct Mnt and SNT Correctors

Clean the exteriors of Mak and Schmidt Newtonians using the same method used for SCTs. Interior surfaces? SNTs are "done" the same way as SCTs when it comes to corrector cleaning. As for Maks, well, that depends. You should probably not attempt to pull the corrector of a big and fancy MCT or MNT without guidance from the manufacturer. On the other hand, the correctors of small MCTs screw on, and don't seem to be harmed in any way by being unscrewed and removed. You might even accidentally remove ETX correctors a time or two as you attempt to unthread their screwed-on corrector covers!

What now? The telescope is up and running, it's going to its go-tos, and it's perfectly collimated. What more could any CAT wielding astronomer want? Well, it's the computer age. The CAT is a computer if it's a go-to model, but hooking it to another computer, a PC or Mac laptop, can add even more functionality and fun.


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