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There is one final bit of advice that should really see you through over the long run: keep the stars in your eyes. Try to remember why you came here. The reason most of us entered astronomy and started lusting after Schmidt Cassegrains was because our sense of wonder had been stimulated, because every time we looked up at the night sky, we were filled with an almost mystical curiosity about the Great Out There. If you feel burned out, recall those feelings of awe. Remember the first time you looked at a globular cluster and wondered if anybody were looking back? That is the only secret to becoming an astronomy old-timer. Forget the minutiae of eyepiece designs, PEC recordings, and CCD chip sizes once in a while and just wonder again. If you can do that, your journey of discovery with your beloved CAT will be a long and fruitful one.

Nine years ago, in my last CAT book, I wished this for you, and I offer you the same wish again: "May the stars light the end of your road."


Telescope and Accessory Dealers and Manufacturers

There are many excellent makers and sellers of astrogear, but here are some of the most outstanding dealers and manufacturers.

Adirondack Video Astronomy

Cameras and imaging accessories; manufacturer/dealer of the Stellacam deep skyvideo cameras

Anacortes Telescope and Wild Bird

Full-line dealer of telescopes and amateur astronomy products and accessories of all kinds

Apogee Instruments Incorporated Advanced CCD cameras

APT Astro

Heavy-duty equatorial wedges for fork-mount Meade and Celestron telescopes

Astronomical League

The U.S. national organization for amateur astronomers; famous for their "observing clubs"


Full-line dealer of telescopes and accessories

Astro-Physics Incorporated

Manufacturer and direct seller of apochromatic refracting telescopes, German equatorial mounts, and accessories for these products


Dew shields to fit almost any telescope


http://www. atik-instruments. com/ Beginning, intermediate, advanced CCD cameras


Wide range of accessories, especiallyfilters; Baader (Germany) products are available from many U.S. astronomy dealers

Bob's Knobs

The "knobs" replace SCT and MCT collimation screws and make optical alignment easier

High-quality but inexpensive accessories, including observing chairs Celestron

World-famous maker of Schmidt Cassegrain telescopes

Denkmeier Optical Binoviewers and diagonals


Innovative temperature-regulated dew removal heaters Dew-Not

Inexpensive but good-quality dew heater strips, controllers, and related items

Feathertouch Focusers (Starlight Instruments)

Crayford focusers and replacement (two-speed) SCT focuser knobs

FLI (Finger Lakes Instrumentation)

Advanced CCD cameras (available through dealers)

Hands On Optics

Telescopes and accessories—many exclusive items

Internet Telescope Exchange (ITE)

Dealer for Russia's Intes Micro telescopes

J.M.B. Incorporated Identiview solar filters (available through dealers)

JMI (Jim's Mobile Incorporated) Cases and many other accessories

Kendrick Astro Instruments Dew heater strips, heater controllers, and other items


Lenspen cleaning system (available through dealers Losmandy

German equatorial mounts and accessories


Light pollution reduction filters and other astroaccessories Luminera

Planetary imaging cameras (available through dealers) Lymax

SCT coolers and other accessories


One of the two largest SCT makers and the largest telescope manufacturer in the world Mitty

Heavy-duty wedges for Meade and Celestron fork-mount telescopes Mogg

Webcam adapters and accessories; based in Australia but ships worldwide

OPT (Oceanside Photo and Telescope)

Full-line telescope and accessory dealer

Orion (Telescope and Binocular Center)

Synta-made telescopes and accessories (including Celestron products); also a dealer for TeleVue, Intes Micro, and several other manufacturers

Orion Optics UK

Maksutov Cassegrains, Newtonians, and Vixen mounts Scopestuff

Large selection of inexpensive and hard-to-find accessories

Shoestring Astronomy

Electronic accessories for imagers (including DSLR interface cables and guide-port interfaces)

Skies Unlimited

Full-line dealer of telescopes and accessories


Telescopes and accessories including the Hyperstar/Fastar imaging system

TeleVue Optics Incorporated http://televue .com/

Eyepieces (Nagler, Panoptics, Ethos, Radian) and apochromatic refracting telescopes

Teton Telescope

U.S. dealer for Intes Micro and other imported Maksutovs Thousand Oaks Solar and light pollution reduction filters

University Optics

Eyepieces (especially Orthoscopics) and accessories


Telescopes and accessories from Japan; available worldwide through dealers William Optics

Refracting telescopes, eyepieces, and accessories; available through dealers


Internet Resources, Software, and Books for CAT Users

This is but the merest sampling of the Internet and print resources available to CAT owners.

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