Keep the Starship Flying Right

At the end of this wonderful first light night, once you've had a surfeit of the sky's wonders, disassemble the CAT by reversing the scope set-up procedure. Start by powering down the telescope and detaching the power cable, hand controller, and any accessories that are normally removed for storage. Take a look at the corrector before putting the dust cover back on. If there's any evidence of dew, don't cover it or put the OTA in its case. Either dry the lens off with a dew zapper gun or allow it to dry naturally indoors uncovered. Once the scope is inside, don't just leave it all by its lonesome in a corner till the next observing run, either. Although today's SCTs and other CATs are remarkably trouble-free, they do require a little routine maintenance and TLC, which is the subject of the next chapter.


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