Observing Tables

You can use the Buyastrostuff chair as a place for yourself, but what about a place for your astrostuff? You could use a compact but capacious observing table. One choice is a folding-leg card table. These are easy to transport with the legs folded up and provide adequate space. Several astronomy dealers, including Orion, sell similar small tables with work surfaces that roll up into amazingly small packages. To do that, their surfaces are made of slats, however, which are not overly sturdy. The standard card table is sturdier, even if it takes up a little more room. Maybe even better are folding camp tables found in outdoor stores. The tops of these tables unfold in the middle and give twice as much space as a card table.

Plate 43. (Observing Chair) Buyastrostuff. com's inexpensive but effective observing chair. Credit: Author.

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