SCT Buyers Guide

This guide to new SCTs is current as of the writing of this book, but CAT manufacturers tend to change models, prices, and features every year or two. Celestron and Meade are especially prone to this since they sell nearly identical telescopes and are locked in fierce competition for a relatively small number of potential customers. Often, these "new" Meades and Celestrons are only superficially different from previous models, however, so even if a particular telescope is not here, there is probably one that is very similar to it. Finally, Meade's scope offerings are somewhat in flux due to the company's decision to move production offshore. Some models are not available at the time of this writing (including the LX200-ACF 14-inch and the entire LX400-ACF series) but may be on sale again by the time this book is published.

Okay, now let us find you a telescope.

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