Learn Photo Editing

Learn Photo Editing

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Aberrator Freeware star test "simulator"

ASCOM The free telescope driver system


Observing planning and logging for both Apple and Windows users

Cartes du Ciel

Sky Charts, amateur astronomy's favorite freeware planetarium software Deepsky

Observing planning and logging; also includes extensive charting and image-processing features

Earth Centered Universe Inexpensive planetarium/atlas software


Freeware telescope control program/driver for Synta GEM mounts

K3CCD Webcam control and image processing

Keith's Astroimager and Keith's Image Stacker

Free webcam control and image stacking software for Macintosh users Megastar The computer star atlas

Metaguide Webcam-based autoguiding and automated collimation

NexRemote Virtual hand control for Celestron NexStar telescopes

PolarFinder astro/polar_alignment/index.html

A simple but clever program that makes polar alignment with a borescope easy Registax http ://www.astronomie .be/registax/

The premier image stacking program for Windows users


Innovative observing, planning, and logging program with many charting features Starry Night

The prettiest of the "pretty planetariums" software programs


Advanced planetarium program/telescope control system; currently in Version 6 but soon appearing in a new version

Virtual Moon Atlas

Detailed lunar mapping program with many utilities for Moon observers; freeware


Full-featured planetarium software for Apple and Windows users

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