The Moon

The only "gotcha" when imaging the Moon is usually color correction. If at all possible, use an IR blocking filter on the webcam. Otherwise Luna will be strongly pink in webcam images. As mentioned earlier, this colr cast can be removed with an image processing program, but the Moon will be so darned pink that it will be hard to get it right. If no IR filter is available, and the color balance doesn't look right despite tweaking in Paintshop Pro, the picture can be converted to black and white in Paintshop and still look very good. The Moon does possess subtle colors a webcam can pick up, but, honestly, monochrome Moon pictures look better. One especially wonderful thing about the Moon is that she looks great anytime, no matter what her phase. Its astonishing the detail your camera can capture on a nearly full (Plate 72) or even completely full Moon. The large dynamic range of CCDimages (remember, a little

Plate 72. (Nearly Full Moon) Even a nearly full Moon offers up a wealth of detail to webcam-equipped CAT users. Credit: Author.

webcam is a CCD camera) allows any detail present in images to be considerably enhanced.

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