The Macintosh computer has gained many new converts recently, and that's finally beginning to be reflected in the astronomy software available for it, with quite a few programs being offered in Mac versions as well as the ubiquitous PC releases. One company stands out for its long-term commitment to the Macintosh astronomy community, however: Carina Software, with their Voyager planetarium, which is now in Version 4.

As would be expected for a Mac program, Voyager is a lovely thing. Voyager is more than just a pretty face, however; it offers features and capabilities fully competitive with the top Windows software, including millions of stars, millions of deep sky objects, and the ability to control go-to scopes. Voyager's Solar System capabilities, in particular, have always been impressive, and the latest release carries on that tradition with the inclusion of a very high precision ephemeris that helps it determine positions of planets, moons, asteroids, and comets with amazing accuracy.

As is the case with any big-time planetarium software, power costs money. At $200, Voyager is at least a little less expensive than TheSky 6 Professional and Starry Night Pro Plus, and even if it doesn't sport all the features of those titans, it will more than satisfy almost any Apple-toting amateur. One small annoyance for those using older Macintosh operating systems is that Voyager 4 is only for OSX. The company continues to offer the earlier release, Voyager 3, for OS9 users. Don't like Apples but like the look of Voyager? Carina also sells a Windows version of this fine astro-soft.

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