The authors of this book are indebted to many colleagues in a wide scientific community for their excellent cooperation over many years. L. StrUder and N. Meidinger (Chap. 7) thank their friends and colleagues at the Halbleiterlabor, PNSensor, MPE, University Tubingen, Max-Planck-Institut fur Physik, Politechnico di Milano, Brokhaven National Laboratory for many stimulating discussions. K. Werner (Chap. 11) thanks Martin Barstow, Stefan Jordan, Thomas Rauch, Sonja Schuh and Burkhard Wolff for useful discussions and comments. Y. Tanaka (Chap. 16) thanks Bernd Aschenbach, K. Makashima, S. Mineshige, and H. Spruit for valuable comments and discussions. R. Petre is indebted to U. Hwang and S. Immler for insightful comments on the manuscript. Finally, G. Hasinger and J.E. Triimper acknowledge the work of many people of MPE's High Energy Astrophysics groups and of our technical staff who contributed to all the high energy astrophysics projects we have been involved in - from the early balloon and rocket experiments to the past and current satellite missions EXOSAT, Mir-HEXE, ROSAT, BeppoSAX, Compton Gamma Ray Observatory, Chandra, XMM-Newton, INTEGRAL, Swift and the future projects GLAST, eROSITA and XEUS.

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