Fe K Line Profile Changes

According to accretion disc theories, temperature inhomogenities in the accretion disc are expected (see Fig. 22.12). In the observers frame moving black body fields results in changes in the observed emission profiles from the multicolour disc, as type-1 AGN

type-2 AGN

type-1 AGN

ut M "

channel energy (keV)

Fig. 22.11 Average Fe K line profiles for type 1 (left panel) and type 2 (right panel) AGN. Strong relativistic lines, most probably due to the presence of Kerr Black holes are consistent with the data



S/N ratio

Fig. 22.12 Left panel: Changes in the Fe K line profile obtained with the ASCA satellite [28]. Changes are thought to be caused by hot spots on the accretion disc resulting in the observed changes in the Fe K line profile due to moving black body fields in the observers frame. Right panel: Fe K line energy as a function of time [53]. Three hot spots on the accretion disc have been postulated, resulting in the same inclination of the accretion disc

well as in Doppler boosting effects. Detailed studies of the variable Fe K line profile will be obtained with the next generation of X-ray telescopes.

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