A31 Activity Bq

Given any radiation decay (a, ft, 7, etc.), the activity of an element is the rate at which any and all transitions (i.e., emissions of a, ft, 7 rays) occur. A radionuclide has an activity of 1 becquerel (Bq), when it undergoes one transition per second. An older unit is the curie (Ci), equivalent to 3.7 x 1010 transitions per second. This is

"the quantity of emanation in equilibrium of 1 gram of radium'' (Mme Curie said: "la quantite d'emanation en equilibre avec un gramme de radium''), that is that quantity of radon-222 in equilibrium with one gram of its parent radium-226 [http://physics. nist.gov/GenInt/Curie/1913.html]. It is worth noting here that not only for activity but also for all other quantities both SI units and old ones, partly deriving from the c.g.s. system, are currently used.

1Bq = 1 transition/second

Activity is not a synonym of power or energy and has nothing to do with the effects of radiation on matter, living or not.

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