A37 Dose commitment Sv

Some events, such as weapon tests, release radioactivity directly into the environment and cause a continuous exposure over a long time period, including several generations. In order to take into account the dose committed to a typical, though hypothetical, individual at the moment and in the future, the so-called "dose commitment" is used. This is the integral over a specified time period (typically 250 or 10,000 years) of the average dose rate, per person, to a specified group (even the whole world population) after the event considered. Its SI unit is the sievert (Sv) [UNSCEAR, 1993]. If an event delivers a dose commitment of 1.4 mSv for 250 years, a hypothetical individual, born at the moment of the event and died 250 years old, would receive a dose of 1.4 mSv during his entire life.

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