A6 Conclusions

The individual dose commitments for 250 years arising from a rather improbable total "crash" of Rubbia's engine, 1.8 x 10~6mSv, and MITEE, 1.6 x 10~8mSv, are insignificant compared to other sources of exposure. Should the Rubbia engine "crash", a hypothetical individual born in the year of crash and dying at age 250, would have received all along his life a 3 x 10~5mSv dose, much lower than the dose imparted by a dental examination (0.03 mSv); the same would be true for a MITEE accident of the same type. The average dose from natural background to each individual is 2.4 mSv in one single year. Figure A.16 shows contributions to dose compared to other sources.

The contribution to individual average dose from the crash of Rubbia's engine or MITEE seems therefore not a reason of concern to public health.

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