Available Solution Space

So far the mass ratio required to reach LEO from the surface, the mass ratio to reach higher orbits, the impact of how often these systems operate on the cost of delivering payloads to orbit have been discussed. The next step is to use this material to establish where a solution exists for the combination of propulsion system, geometry, and mission. The AIAA book, Scramjet Propulsion, [Curran and Murthy, 2000] discusses the approach in Chapter 16, "Transatmospheric vehicle sizing'' by J. Vandenkerckhove and P. Czysz. Then, using a very minimum of information on the capability of the aerospace industry to manufacture air vehicles together with the propulsion system description and the basic geometry trends of hypersonic vehicles, the solution space can be identified. The two principal relationships are: (1) the industrial capability index (ICI) and (2) the operational weight empty (OWE), as functions of the propulsion system, geometry, size and material/structures manufacturing capability of industry, as given in equations (3.3). These two equations are solved simultaneously for planform area and ICI given a specific payload and tau.

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