B243 Cryoplant

Following [Santarius and Logan, 1998], a value of 1,000 kg/kW for the mass per unit heat pumped is assumed (one order of magnitude lower than the presently available systems). Cryoplant power is determined by nuclear heating of the magnet:

with A„ « 0.13 m being the neutron mean free path in the blanket; and fn the fraction of fusion energy associated with neutrons. The cryoplant mass is therefore given by

Mcryo = fnPfus (rp/rm) exp(-(rm - rp)/A„) x 103 kg/kW — PfuS/«cryo (B.17) B.2.4.4 Blanket

An optimized blanket made by LiH has been proposed in [Kulcinski et al., 1987] with a density ps in the range 103 kg/m3 [Santarius and Logan, 1998], much less than the value —104 kg/m3 for the solid and liquid blankets envisaged for a fusion reactor. The blanket mass is given by

Ms = Ps(1 - rp/r2m) V = ps(r2m/r2p - 1)PfuS/PSpec — PfusM (B.18)

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