B246 Conversion

A high-efficiency, closed Brayton cycle is envisaged. The working fluid to transport heat is typically He. The mass budget for a 400 MWe system (20% efficiency) operating with an inlet temperature of l,700K and outlet temperature of l,300K [Williams et al., 1998] is about l45t. Note [Cheung et al., 2004] assumes an efficiency of 40% (7 MW produced out of an input of 18 MW). The mass was calculated using a figure of 3 kg/kWe for the conversion system (excluding the radiator). As in the case of other figures cited in such calculations, at times such figures are either strongly underestimated or, as in this particular case, broadly overestimated. For instance, at 3kg/kWe, the total of the 400MWe system would be l,200t. In our simplified analysis we neglect this component.

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