Combining Chemical And Nuclear Thermal Rockets

Among the latest propulsion concepts based on nuclear power, recent proposals include injecting liquid oxygen (LOX) inside the hydrogen exhaust of an NTR. The goal is to boost thrust for a limited time [Borowski et al., 1994; Glenn and Buhlman, 1999; Dujarric, 1999; Buhlman et al., 2004; Joyner et al., 2004]. Means of raising thrust with hydrogen/oxygen combustion look convenient to reach escape speed fast, or to lift off from a planet surface. This concept could be viewed as the

Reactor core

Nozzle throat LOX injection

Propellant (H2)

Nozzle throat LOX injection

Subsonic Supersonic hot H2 H2

Subsonic Supersonic hot H2 H2

Operating mode


7sp (s)

Thrust (kN)

Pjet (MWj)

Pure H2 NTR

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