A Apollo (US) L Luna (USSR) O Orbiter (USSR) R Ranger (US) S Surveyor (US)

Figure 6.8. We have been there before with probes, landers, orbiters, and human visitors. Apollo was a manned Moon mission beginning with Apollo 10 lunar mapping mission, and ending with Apollo 17. Luna was a USSR robotic lander and rover series, Orbiter was a series of USSR flyby and orbital photographic mapping missions, Ranger crashed into the surface relaying pictures as it did, Surveyor was a lander mission series, and Clementine was an orbital mapping and resources survey mission.

• Luna 16 & 17 First automatic probe to return samples and have robot rovers to transverse the lunar surface and avoid craters

• Orbiters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 All were successful and mapped the lunar surface in detail

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