We wish to thank our colleagues in the UCD School of Physics for their help and support. Khalil Hajim, Se O'Connor and Eoin O'Mongain gave us valuable advice on various parts of the manuscript. Gerry O'Sullivan provided us with the facilities of the School while David Fegan, Alison Hackett and John Quinn helped in many ways.

Special thanks are due to John White for introducing us to Adobe Illustrator; without his help it would not have been possible to produce the diagrams in this book. John drew many of the diagrams and undertook the numerical calculation of graphs and field diagrams.

We are grateful to Tim Lehane who painstakingly proof read the entire text. James Ellis provided expert technical support including the production of the holograms and a number of other images. Bairbre Fox, Marian Hanson and Catherine Handley were always there to help us when needed.

We received valuable assistance from and from Vincent Hoban of the Audio-Visual centre at UCD. Eugene O'Sullivan of John J Mcdonald and Co. gave us free legal advice.

We would like to thank Lizzie Bennett of Imperial College Press who introduced us to the world of publishing and Chee-Hok Lim and Alex Quek of World Scientific with whom we enjoyed a very fruitful working relationship.

We are indebted to all the people who gave us experimental data, high resolution images and copyright permissions. These are acknowledged individually in the text.

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