The Development of Quantum Mechanics

consequences of Planck's hypothesis are studied from different angles. Surprisingly completely different mathematical approaches lead to the same final conclusions. Quantum mechanics leads to a new philosophy and physics changes beyond all recognition. Historical figure: Niels Bohr.

Chapter 13 Atoms of Light Acting as Particles. The evidence that light is like a stream of particles is conclusive. These 'Atoms of Light' are called photons. Historical figure: Robert A. Millikan.

Chapter 14 Atoms of Light Behaving as Waves. Nature seems to be playing a trick. Just when we have accepted photons as particles, and looked at individual photons one by one, they behave not as particles, but as waves! Historical figure: Richard Feynman.

Chapter 15 Relativity. Part 1: How It Began. We begin with the hypothesis of symmetry of space and time. Empty space has no preferred places, there is no universal clock. The speed of light is the same for everybody. Following logical steps of Einstein and others, we arrive at the startling result concerning the nature of time, contrary to natural instinct. Historical figure: Hendrik A. Lorentz.

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