Age is of course a fever chill That every physicist must fear. He's better dead than living still When once he's past his thirtieth year.

In Leon Lederman The God Particle Chapter 5 (p. 168)

Eliot, George

The young ones have always a claim to the old to help them forward.

Middlemarch Chapter 56 (p. 537)

No mathematician should ever allow himself to forget that mathematics, more than any other art or science, is a young man's game.

A Mathematician's Apology Section 4 (p. 70)

Yudowitch, K.L.

The knowledge that so many important discoveries in physics have been made by young men comes as a surprise to most students—and a pleasant surprise. Students never fail to look with new interest upon work done by a man at very nearly their own age. Physics is revitalized in the minds of the students by the knowledge that it is a field for young men—men like themselves.

American Journal of Physics Young Men in Physics (p. 191) Volume 15, Number 2, March-April 1947

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