By convention are sweet and bitter, hot and cold, by convention is color; in truth are atoms and the void. ..In reality we apprehend nothing exactly, but only as it changes according to the condition of our body and the things that impinge on or offer resistance to it.

In G.S Kirk and J.E. Raven The Presocratic Philosophers Fragment 589 (p. 422)


Again after the revolution of many of the sun's years a ring on the finger is thinned on the under side by wearing, the dripping from the eaves hollows a stone, the bent ploughshare of iron imperceptibly decreases in the fields, and we behold the stone-paved streets worn down by the feet of the multitude...These things then we see are lessened, after they are thus worn down; but what bodies depart at any given time nature has jealously shut out the means of seeing.

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