Axial Tilt

Milton, John

Some say he bid his angels turn askance The poles of Earth twice ten degrees and more From the sun's axle; they with labor pushed Oblique the centric globe: some say the sun Was bid turn reins from the equinoctial road Like distant breadth to Taurus with the seven Atlantic Sisters, and the Spartan Twins, Up to the Tropic Crab; thence down again By Leo and the Virgin and the Scales, As deep as Capricorn, to bring in change Of seasons to each clime; else had the spring Perpetual smiled on Earth with vernant flowers, Equal in days and nights,... The sun, as from Thyestean banquet, turned His course intended; else how had the World Inhabited, through sinless, more than now Avoided pitching cold and scorching heat?

Paradise Lost Book X, L. 679-95

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