Eddington, Sir Arthur Stanley

We have swept away the anti-chance from the field of our current physical problems, but we have not got rid of it. When some of us are so misguided as to try to get back millards of years into the past we find the sweepings piled up high like a high wall, forming a boundary—a beginning of time— which we cannot climb over.

New Pathways in Science Chapter III (p. 60)

Jevons, W. Stanley

Happily the Universe in which we dwell is not the result of chance, and where chance seems to work it is our own deficient faculties which prevent us from recognising the operating of Law and of Design.

The Principles of Science Book I Chapter I (p. 2)

John of Salisbury

Chance blows together the atoms into an immense heap so that this very globe of the world comes into being, and so that the elements are fixed in their places under an eternal law. . .

In John van Laarhoven (ed.) Entheticus Maior and Minor Volume I Part II

Section I, Notes from Epicuris, L. 567-9

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