Chaisson, Eric

Exploring the whole universe requires large thoughts. There are no larger thoughts than cosmological ones.

Cosmic Dawn Prologue (p. 3)

Gortniz, Thomas

Modern cosmology is myth which does not know itself to be myth.

International Journal of Theoretical Physics Connections between Abstract Quantum Theory and Space-Time Structure II,

A Model of Cosmological Evolution (p. 659) Volume 27, No 6, June 1988

Hawking, Stephen Penrose, Roger

Cosmology used to be considered a pseudoscience and the preserve of physicists who might have done some useful work in their earlier years but who had gone mystic in their dotage.

The Nature ofSpace and Time Chapter Five (p. 75)

Hogan, John

...cosmologists—and the rest of us—may have to forego attempts at understanding the universe and simply marvel at its infinite complexity and strangeness.

Scientific American Universal Truths (p. 117) Volume 263, Number 4, October 1990

Popper, Karl R.

I, however, believe that there is at least one philosophical problem in which all thinking men are interested. It is the problem of cosmology: the problem of understanding the world—including ourselves and our knowledge, as part of the world. All science is cosmology, I believe, and for me the interest of philosophy lies solely in the contributions which it has made to it.

The Logic of Scientific Discovery Preface to English edition (p. 15)

It is appropriate to approach the problems of cosmology with feelings of respect for their importance, of awe for their vastness, and of exultation for the temerity of the human mind in attempting to solve them. They must be treated, however, by the detailed, critical, and dispassionate methods of the scientist.

Relativity, Thermodynamics and Cosmology Part IV, section 187 (p. 488)

Turok, Neil G.

...Maybe the problems cosmology has set for itself will turn out to be just too difficult to solve scientifically. After all, we've got a lot of gall to suppose that the universe can be described by some simple theory.

Scientific American In John Hogan Universal Truths (p. 117) Volume 263, Number 4, October 1990

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