Differential Equations

Eddington, Sir Arthur Stanley

We should suspect an intention to reduce God to a system of differential equations...

The Nature of the Physical World Chapter XIII (p. 282)

Men have fallen in love with statues and pictures. I find it easier to imagine a man falling in love with a differential equation, and I am inclined to think that some mathematicians have done so. Even in a non-mathematician like myself, some differential equations evoke fairly violent physical sensations similar to those described by Sappho and Catullus when viewing their mistresses. Personally, however, I obtain an even greater kick from finite difference equations, which are perhaps more like those which an up-to-date materialist would use to describe human behavior.

The Inequality of Man and Other Essays Scientific Calvinism (p. 39)

Lanczos, Cornelius

Our symbolic mechanism is eminently useful and powerful, but the danger is ever-present that we become drowned in a language which has its well-defined grammatical rules but eventually loses all content and becomes a nebulous sham.

Linear Differential Operators Preface (p. vii)

Whitehead, Alfred North

Matter-of-fact is an abstraction, arrived at by confining thought to purely formal relations which then masquerade as the final reality. This is why science, in its perfection, relapses into the study of differential equations. The concrete world has slipped through the meshes of the scientific net.

Modes of Thought Chapter I Lecture 1 (p. 25)

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