Bragg, Sir William

...an electron springs into existence.

Scientific Monthly Electrons and Ether Waves (p. 156) Volume XIV, February 1922, Number 8

Frankel, Felice Whitesides, George M.

Electrons know two verbs: seek and avoid. They seek the positive charges of atomic nuclei; they avoid the negative charges of other electrons. That is almost all they know.

On the Surface of Things Microelectrodes (p. 99)

Lederman, Leon

The "naked" electron is an imaginary object cut off from the influences of the field, whereas a "dressed" electron carries the imprint of the universe.

The God Particle

The electron is not. ..an enduring something that can be tracked through time. Its mathematical description does not involve that degree of definiteness. Any picture we form of the atom errs, as it were, by excess of solidity. The mathematical symbols refer to entities more indefinite than our pictorial imagination, limited as it is by experience of "gross matter," can construct.

The Bases ofModern Science Chapter XI (pp. 252-3)

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