Ehrlich, Paul

Much testing; accuracy and precision in experiment; no guesswork or self-deception.

In Martha Marquardt Paul Ehrlich Chapter XIII (p. 134)

In scientific study also, as in other abstruse meditations, the mind soon becomes exhausted by intense thinking, but is usually relieved by preparing and making experiments.

The Art of Scientific Discovery Chapter XXXIII (p. 313)

Rutherford, E.

Experiment without imagination or imagination without recourse to experiment, can accomplish little, but, for effective progress, a happy blend of these two powers is necessary.


The Electrical Structure of Matter (p. 221) Volume 58, Number 1499, September 21,1923

Sagan, Carl

When theory is not adequate in science, the only realistic approach is experimental. Experiment is the touchstone of science on which the theories are framed. It is the court of last resort.

The Cosmic Connection Chapter 5 (p. 37)

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