Chern, Shiing Shen

Physics and geometry are one family.

Together and holding hands they roam to the limits of outer space... Surprisingly, Math. has earned its rightful place for man and in the sky; Fondling flowers with a smile—just wish nothing is said!

Notices of the American Mathematical Society Interview with Shiing Shen Chern (p. 865) Volume 45, Number 7, August 1998

de Fontenelle, Bernard Le Bovier

A work of morality, politics, criticism will be more elegant, other things being equal, if it is shaped by the hand of geometry.

L'utilité des Mathématiques et de la Physique


Manning, Henry Parker

...the greatest advantage to be derived from the study of geometry of more than three dimensions is a real understanding of the great science of geometry. Our plane and solid geometries are but the beginning of this science. The four-dimensional geometry is far more extensive than the three-dimensional, and all the higher geometries are more extensive than the lower.

Geometry of Four Dimensions Introduction (p. 13)

Suspended o'er geometry, I am a fish-worm dangling— A creature too obtuse to see What is acute in angling.

In Francis A. Litz (ed.) The Poetry of Father Tabb Humorous Verse A Problem in Mathematics

Morgan, Frank

We are just beginning to understand how geometry rules the universe.

American Mathematical Monthly Review: The Parsimonious Universe (p. 376) Volume 104, Number 4, April, 1997

Russell, Bertrand

It was formerly supposed that Geometry was the study of the nature of the space in which we live, and accordingly it was urged, by those who held that what exists can only be known empirically, that Geometry should really be regarded as belonging to applied mathematics. But it has gradually appeared, by the increase of non-Euclidean systems, that Geometry throws no more light upon the nature of space than Arithmetic throws upon the population of the United States.

Mysticism and Logic and Other Essays Chapter V (p. 92)

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