Aristotle is impossible that the infinite should move at all. If it did...there is another place, infinite like itself, to which it will move. But that is impossible.

On the Heavens Book 1, Chapter 7, 274b [30]

Blake, William

The nature of infinity is this: That every thing has its

Own Vortex, and when once a traveller thro' Eternity

Has pass'd that Vortex, he percieves [sic] it roll backward behind

His path, into a globe itself unfolding like a sun;

Or like a moon, or like a universe of starry majesty,

While he keeps onwards in his wondrous journey on the earth,

Or like a human form, a friend (with) whom he lived benevolent.

The Complete Prose and Poetry of William Blake

Milton L.21-7

Descartes, Rene

We call infinite that thing whose limits we have not perceived, and so by that word we do not signify what we understand about a thing, but rather what we do not understand.


In P. Mancosu and E. Vailati Torricelli's Infinitely Long Solid and Its Philosophical Reception in the Seventeenth Century (p. 62) Volume 82, Number 311,1991

Emerson, Ralph Waldo

For it is only the finite that has wrought and suffered; the infinite lies stretched in smiling repose.

Essays and Lectures Essays First Series Spiritual Laws (p. 305)

Greene, Brian

Like a sharp rap on the wrist from an old-time schoolteacher, an infinite answer is nature's way of telling us that we are doing something that is quite wrong.

The Elegant Universe

Harrison, Edward

Only a cosmic jester could perpetrate eternity and infinity. . .

Masks of the Universe Chapter 12 (p. 201)

Kasner, Edward Newman, James

The infinite in mathematics is always unruly unless it is properly treated.

Mathematics and the Imagination Paradox Lost and Paradox Regained (p. 210)

Mitchell, Maria

Do not forget the infinite in the infinitesimal.

In Helen Wright Sweeper in the Sky Chapter 9 (p. 164)

von Haller, Albrecht

Infinity! What measures thee?

Before the worlds as days, and men as moments flee!

In W. Hastie Kant's Cosmogony Seventh Chapter (p. 146)

Whitehead, Alfred North

From what science has discovered about the infinitely small and the infinitely vast, the size of our bodies is almost totally irrelevant. In this little mahogany stand...may be civilizations as complex and diversified in scale as our own; and up there, the heavens, with all their vastness, may be only a minute strand of tissue in the body of a being in the scale of which all our universes are as a trifle.

As recorded by Lucien Price Dialogues of Alfred North Whitehead as Recorded by Lucien Price

Dialogue XLIII (pp. 367-8)

Wolf, Fred Alan

...infinity is just another name for mother nature.

Parallel Universes Chapter 6 (p. 70)

Zebrowski, George

Science, when it runs up against infinities, seeks to eliminate them, because a proliferation of entities is the enemy of explanation.


Time Is Nothing But A Clock (p. 144) Volume 17, Number 1, October 1994

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