Glazkov, Yuri

The winds scatter across the planet the seeds of life to bring forth the grass and flowers and woods. The eternal winds of the universe are rushing along. What do they bring? No one knows. But I am sure that Nature has created us, endowed us with intelligence, so that we, like her servant the winds, can carry life into the vast and limitless emptiness and to its innumerable worlds. Reason should win out on Earth and then in the whole universe.

In Kevin W. Kelley The Home Planet With Plate 135

Jeans, Sir James

Is this, then, all that life amounts to? To stumble, almost by mistake, into a universe which was clearly not designed for life, and which, to all appearances, is either totally indifferent or definitely hostile to it, to stay clinging on to a fragment of a grain of sand until we are frozen off, to strut our tiny hour on our tiny stage with the knowledge that our aspirations are all doomed to final frustration, and that our achievement must perish with out race, leaving the universe as though we had never been?

The Mysterious Universe Chapter I (p. 13)

Pagels, Heinz

My own view is that although we do not yet know the fundamental physical laws, when and if we find them the possibility of life in a universe governed by those laws will be written into them. The existence of life in the universe is not a selective principle acting upon the laws of nature; rather it is a consequence of them.

Perfect Symmetry Part 4

Wald, George

We are not alone in the universe, and do not bear alone the whole burden of life and what comes of it. life is a cosmic event—so far as we know the most complex state of organization that matter has achieved in our cosmos. It has come many times, in many places—places closed off from us by impenetrable distances, probably never to be crossed even with a signal. As men we can attempt to understand it, and even somewhat to control and guide its local manifestations. On this planet that is our home, we have every reason to wish it well. Yet should we fail, all is not lost. Our kind will try again elsewhere.

Scientific American The Origin of Life (p. 53) Volume 191, Number 2, August 1954

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