Thanks to Zeeman's discovery of the effect of magnetism on radiation, it appeared that the detection of such a magnetic field should offer no great difficulty, provided that it were sufficiently intense.

Astrophysical Journal

On the Possible Existence of a Magnetic Field in Sunspots (p. 315)

Volume 28, 1908

It appears that the radical element responsible for the continuing thread of cosmic unrest is the magnetic field.

Cosmical Magnetic Fields Chapter 1 (p. 2)

Magnetic fields (and their inevitable offspring fast particles) are found everywhere in the universe where we have the means to look for them.

Cosmical Magnetic Fields Chapter 1 (p. 6)

If the Sun had no magnetic field, it might be a quiet, "classical" star—if such stars exist, with no corona, chromosphere, sunspots, or solar activity.

Astrophysics of the Sun Chapter 2 (p. 39)

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