Crane, H. Richard

Not everyone would be willing to say that he believes in the existence of the neutrino, but it is safe to say there is hardly one of us who is not served by the neutrino hypothesis as an aid in thinking about beta-decay process.

Review of Modern Physics The Energy and Momentum Relations in the Beta-Decay and the Search for the Neutrino (p. 278) Volume 20, Number 2, March 1948

Eddington, Arthur

I am not much impressed by the neutrino theory. In an ordinary way I might say that I do not believe in neutrinos. ..Dare I say that experimental physicists will not have sufficient ingenuity to make neutrinos?

The Philosophy of Physical Science Chapter VII (p. 112)

The neutrino is just barely a fact.

Scientific American The Two-Neutrino Experiment (p. 60) Volume 208, Number 3, March 1963

Pontecorvo, Bruno

It is difficult to find a case where the word 'intuition' characterises a human achievement better than in the case of the neutrino invention by Pauli.

Journel de Physique Supplement C8 Volume 48, 1982 (p. 221)

Stenger, Victor J.

Neutrinos are neither rare nor anomalous—just hard to detect.

Physics and Psychics Chapter 1 (p. 20)

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